Peek into the future, before you build it

Rapid Prototyping

You have an exceptional idea that will change the world but unsure of where to next?

Don’t worry! We’ve got this - Let’s help you take your concept from drawing board to market, even when budget and/or resource is limited. With a wide range of design and technical expertise , we are the perfect one-stop-shop for all your tech prototyping needs.

Quick idea validation


Faster Product Developmen4


Reduced Risk & Uncertainty

Enhanced User Involvement

Increased Investment Opportunity

Effective Stakeholder Communication

What we offer

We harness the power of user centered design approach to create, build and test product/ service ideas at the speed of light. From concept to development, we have a full stack team to help you move the project forward.

Discovery Session

  • You have

    an idea of the product with many unknowns
  • You get

    a full stack creative tech team to help crafting the final solution, reducing risks and meeting user goals
  • deliverables

    1. Idea board describing user flow and functionalities
    2. Wireframes or sketches to represent customer journey map
    3. Product feature recommendations and estimated roadmap

4-5 days

Design Sprint

  • You have

    a well-defined product flow with wireframes
  • You get

    a genuine user validation using a testable digital prototype deliverables
  • deliverables

    1. Review of existing UI
    2. High fidelity user interface
    3. Clickable interactive prototype
    4. Ready to code UI design files
    5. User study guidelines and usability report

2-3 weeks

Tech Consulting & Support

  • You have

    a web/mobile/phygital application ready for design handoff to a development team
  • You get

    a comprehensive technical feasibility assessment and recommendations deliverables
  • deliverables

    1. Tech stack recommendation
    2. Agile consultancy
    3. Technical blueprint to guide developers

2-3 weeks

Presentation & Storytelling

  • You have

    a product to take to market with a prototype and an understanding of your users
  • You get

    a story-based summary of the whole concept and product journey for stakeholder communication
  • deliverables

    1. Brand identity document
    2. Visual pitch deck

2 weeks