Te Pae Virtual Walk-through

A hyper-realistic interactive replica of the Christchurch Convention Centre for virtually showcasing the venue to event organisers.

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The Problem

The COVID 19 pandemic had a huge impact on the the multi-million dollar Christchurch Convention centre project delaying its construction and commissioning by almost 14 months. In addition to the construction delays, Te Pae had to grapple with finding a way to keep their customers engaged and employees informed in a remote business world. The traditional design visualisation methods were just not cutting it for stakeholders to make informed decisions

The Solution

JIX designed and developed a platform agnostic 360 virtual guided walk-through of the then half-built Te Pae space from a 2D architectural design layout. The true to scale visual model was deployed as an interactive 360 video, iPad application and VR experience.

Are you a hospitality venue looking to empower your sales team with a virtual venue?