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  • Sakthi and JIX understood our story and our dream, they also believed in it, knew how to make it happen from a technical and business perspective. Sakthi genuinely wanted to align himself and his business to support Indigenous Maori aspirations, his heart is pure and true, everything you want in a good partner.
    Mike Neho
  • JIX Reality is a great example of this, the team are forward-thinking and creative – they came up with some industry-leading ideas and had the technological capability to make it a reality. And when we needed to look at solutions that would allow us to open our doors, so to speak, while the borders remained closed – they quickly adapted our new virtual product to suit.
    Te Pae
  • A Christchurch company embracing the latest technology advancements to create digital experiences, with a particular focus on commercializing Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

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